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 We offer a variety of Cremation Options that range from Direct Cremations to Traditional Funerals with Cremation.

        Cash advancements are NOT included in any of the following options.

Cash advancements are items such as, Crematory Charge, Medical Examiner Certificate, Newspaper notices, Death Certificates, Clergy or Church Fees, Cemetery charges if any, flowers, clothing or any other specially requested items.

Option # 1  Direct Cremation $1,675. the remains from local place of death, securing necessary legal permits, sanitary cleansing of the remains, placing in a minimum cremation container and transfer to a crematory. This option does NOT include any viewing or services

Option # 2 Direct Cremation with a Memorial Service in Our Facility $2,995.00

This option includes all the services of option # 1, the use of our Facilities for up to 2 hours for a Service. It also includes a solid Oak Cube Urn with a nameplate, Register Book, Memorial cards and acknowledgment cards.

Option # 3  Direct Cremation with a Traditional Church Service, Staff and Cremains present                                             $2,995.00

This Option includes all services of  Director, Support Staff and Equipment necessary to organize and arrange Service in a Church or other place suitable for the Service.

Option # 4  Cremation with viewing using a Rental Casket                                                                                                    $  4,595.00

This Option includes all services of Option # 1 and including the use of an Oak casket, Preparation of the remains for viewing, 2 hours of Visitation in the Funeral Home and transportation to a crematory at the convenience of the funeral home which depends on day and time of day.

Option # 5 Cremation, same service as Option # 4, except the casket or container may be supplied by the purchaser or selected at our facility.  This Option is plus the cost of the casket if selected at Funeral Home                                                                             $ 3,725.00

Option # 6  Cremation with a Traditional Funeral to a Church and Visiting hours in the Funeral Home using a rental casket $5,395.00

Option # 7  Cremation with Traditional Funeral to Church, as Option # 6, except, using a casket or container provided by the purchaser.                                                                                                                                                                                      $ 4,825.00 

Cremation Urns are available at the Funeral Home Beginning at $ 145.00 and a complete catalogue is available, however if a family chooses, they may supply their own container or urn.

The Funeral Home may be able to modify any of the Options presented, to accommodate the needs of a family, especially for religious customs.

In Rhode Island, cremation may not occur until a 24 hour period has lapsed after the time of death. Other states vary on this regulation.

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